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Combine Freight with friends.

Combine Freight with friends.

Product: Combine Freight with friends.
Brand: NZ Post
Description: Pre Arrange for a delegate to receive a group of Orders.

Rural Delivery can add up.

If you would like to receive orders for others in your area tick the "register as Delegate" box in the checkout page.

If there is a delegate already in your area you can select it from the dropdown menu also in the checkout page.

The $3 charge includes packaging and shipping (a c5 box with Rural Delivery Ticket) or petrol to drop off directly.

If you have 8-10 people in your area that would like to combine freight this would be the most economical for Rural Areas.

Just ask them to place their orders with the same option and Delivery Delegate.

You can email us using the link below to let us know how many orders to expect to ship to that delegate.

If you frequent a Farm Supply store you can email us to ask them to be a Delegate for pickup of orders when you go into town.
Price: $ 3.00
Elsewhere: $3.00
You save: $0

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