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1000ml 0.9% Saline

1000ml 0.9% Saline

Product: 1000ml 0.9% Saline
Description: 1000ml 0.9% Normal Saline (isotonic)

Can be used with a standard IV giving set as an eye wash or with a 10-20ml leur-lok syringe and large bore needle to irrigate wounds. The needle / Syringe combination makes a gentle "water blaster" that can move stuborn debris.

Alternative uses:
A very useful tool to remove blood stains from carpets. As the saline is isotonic the blood cells tend to stay intact for a papertowel to pick up.
Simply drop this saline on top of the blood stains (as soon as possible but within 12h) leave for 20-30 seconds then pat dry with a paper towel. You will notice the blood blotting onto the paper towel. Move it to a clean spot and repeat until the stain is completely gone.
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