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Opsite Post-Op 6.5 x 5cm per unit

Opsite Post-Op 6.5 x 5cm per unit

Product: Opsite Post-Op 6.5 x 5cm per unit
Brand: Smith & Nephew
Description: Opsite Post-OP is a combination dressing having a central Absorbent Non-adhesive dressing pad with built in adhesive non-occlusive film dressing.

Enables dressings to be applied for slight weatherproofing and continual monitoring of strikethrough (how much fluid is going into the dressing) to enable more frequent changes as required.

Change at approximately 60% strikethrough or 3 days.

Remove from packaging, Then take off the backing by number (1, then 2) place on the wound. Secure the dressing from the center out then carefully remove the clear top covering.

Price: $ 2.00
Elsewhere: $5.50
You save: $3.5

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