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PHEC Enterprises Ltd

About PHEC Enterprises Ltd:


PHEC Enterprises Ltd was incorporated in April 28th, 2008 to bring new and innovative medical related products to New Zealand Shores.

The PHEC Enterprises Ltd name came partly from the acronym Pre Hospital Emergency Care often used in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) in the United States and here in New Zealand.

MedSafe and Ministry of Health obligations:
In order to import medical devices into New Zealand all medical related products to be imported (or exported) have to be registered with MedSafe and Ministry of Health here in NZ.

These obligations were finally completed in late 2009 for QuikClot® products by Z-Medica, followed shortly after by the X Collar® Range by Emegear LLC. in the United States.


PHEC Enterprises Ltd no longer imports the QuikClot® brand products.
For queries relating to this product range please go to the Jackson Allison website or email enquiries to Jackson-Allison

PHEC Enterprises Ltd

Address for Post:
22 Churchill Ave.,
New Zealand

Jonathon Stevenson (BN)
54 Makuri Domain Road
New Zealand

M: 022 068 4799

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